We are a building design and drafting studio based is Brisbane.

The Outside Perspective is a building design and drafting studio that believes in good design and that our role is to translate your ideas into a language that the building industry can understand.

Drafting & Design

Our drafting & design service consists of a 5 stage process which you can view below which we specifically tailor to suit your individual needs. The Outside Perspective can offer services for your project from simple drafting jobs for small scale renovations, furniture plans or schematic diagrams, through to full-scale new home design, helping you make your dream home a reality.

Please take the time to determine what level of service is right for you.


    During pre-design we cover initial needs and wants, a fee proposal and we then formulate your design brief to  get the ball rolling.


    After establishing your design brief, we will then present you with some preliminary design documentation. In this stage, we highlight any unique or challenging elements of the concept or site and work to create the perfect fit for you.


    With the preliminary designs, we move to design development where the design can be modified and manipulated to suit your personal requirements and requests. At this stage official documentation is prepared and items like DA (Development Approvals) are facilitated.


    Once the design has been created and signed off, we then move to produce and lodge all the relevant documentation to ensure your project moves forward timely and efficiently. At this stage things like BA (building approvals), Engineering and Energy efficiency documentation are prepared.


    Any additional plan revisions and finer detailing if the individual project requires.

Detailed Design Process

the outside perspective detailed design process

Renovations & Extensions

A professionally designed and executed renovation or extension can add significant value of your home. You may have lived in your home for many years and have opted for an update, or recently purchased a fixer-upper and need an outsider’s perspective to get the best out of your project. Whatever the case may be, there are many ways to enhance the livability of your home through minor changes without extensively modifying the existing footprint or major extensions.

Removing internal walls, moving doorways, combining small rooms or converting unused space (into an ensuite for example) can, when executed properly, dramatically improve the feel and function of your home and of course add valuable assets. And these examples, in most cases can be done with the extra requirements of building certification.

Whether you have a clear vision for your renovation or are in need of a little inspiration, we can help you get the most out of your existing space. At our first meeting the objective is to uncover your dream by examining your lifestyle and seeking to understand exactly what you need and want from your space. It’s important for us to understand the way you want to live in your home. With this knowledge, we can suggest modifications and additions that will improve lifestyle.

Regardless of whether your planned extension or renovation will be minor of major, The Outside Perspective will provide you with professionally prepared construction drawings which will ensure any possible council involvement or building requirements are met and that you, as the owner, are protected. At a minimum, architectural plans that show the current layout and proposed changes are usually required. Furthermore, The Outside Perspective have a vast network of Engineers, Building Certifiers and other building professionals that will help make your building project worry free.

For tips on your next building project, we recommend you read 6 Tips for Hiring a Professional on Your Next Project.

New Home Design

Building a new home is both exciting and daunting at the same time. There are many things to consider including hiring trades, design and layout, settling and lodging plans, building approvals and final certification. It can be a complex process, making your dream a reality is a specialty of The Outside Perspective.

Through close consultation with you, the end user, we bring your thoughts and ideas to life. Our initial discovery meetings will involve examining your lifestyle to get a better understanding of what you need and how you will use and function in your new home. What you want is important and good design seamlessly integrates your needs and wants into one function space.

We can customise all aspects of your new home based on your personal style, your likes and dislikes and of course, your desires.

Commercial Fit-Out

The Outside Perspective offers a full suite of commercial and office space fit-out design.  We can help you update your office to better reflect your business and present a professional face. Services include layout advice and built-in workspace and cabinetry drafting and design which combine to make a more functional or productive work space.

Interior Cabinetry Design

Are you looking to create a unique piece of furniture or a kitchen that stands out from the crowd? Many kitchen manufacturers operate using a standard set of designs which can feel generic and conflict with your space or design wants. Don’t leave the design up to the cabinet makers, The Outside Perspective can design your cabinetry to suit every need in your kitchen, pantry, laundry, or wardrobes. With clever design and professional advice, your cabinetry design can meet your every whim and fancy.

3D Design & Documentation

Hand drawn plans are beautiful, (if you have a set don’t throw them out) but this is the 21st century and people are expecting more from their designers.  We produce all our documentation in 3D using REVIT.  We don’t just draw we model, so you can be confident that what we design is what you want before it goes to site.

Support Drafting Services

The Outside Perspective can offer a full host of professional drafting services to support architects, building designers, cabinet makers, and interior designers. We produce high-quality plans and comprehensive documentation so you can be assured no detail will be missed. Whether you are a professional looking for extra help completing project documentation or an interior designer looking to take your client presentation to the next level, The Outside Perspective can facilitate.

The Outside Perspective offer a full suite of drafting and building design services across South East Queensland.