We strive to create your perfect space.

Building design should reflect the lifestyle of the people living in it.  Not follow trends.  We believe that good building design should not scream at you, but fade into the background and allow your individual style to shine through. The team at The Outside Perspective, a Brisbane drafting and building design studio, are driven to help you create the perfect living spaces.  We will guide you through the process  the ensure the best result.

We have a strong design focus that aims to merge the clients ideas with sustainable design principals and build-ability to create the best possible outcome for the client and the project site.

Whether you are building a new home, renovating or extending an older one or you want something as simple as a deck or carport.  The Outside perspective will design a solution and produce all the documentation you will need to make your vision a reality.

From concept drawings, through to final council certification, The Outside Perspective can provide you will all the support you need to complete your project with ease.





New Homes

Every site is different & every client is different, so shouldn’t every house be different too?  We work closely with you to design your dream home. We have exceptional attention to detail and produce the highest quality drafting documentation, making your new building project simple and straight forward.

Extensions & Renovations

Do you love where you live but your house isn’t working?  You might just want a deck or somewhere to park the car… or a complete overhaul.  We offer a drafting and design service that works with you and your house to achieve the best possible outcome. We will analyse your lifestyle and make renovation recommendations to help maximise your property investment.

Commercial Fit-Outs

We can help you update your office to better reflect your business so your office becomes a place you WANT to go to.

Interior Cabinetry Design

Want a new kitchen that’s just a bit different to everything else around?  Don’t want to leave the design up to the cabinet maker?  We provide a service to design any of your cabinetry needs.

3D Design & Documentation

Hand drawn plans are beautiful, (if you have a set don’t throw them out) but this is the 21st century and people are expecting more from their designers.  We produce all our documentation in a program called REVIT.  It’s all 3D.  We don’t just draw we model, so you can be confident that what we design is what you want before it goes to site.

Support Drafting

Are you an Architect or building designer who has too many projects for your office to cope with?  We can help. The Outside Perspective are experts at producing high-quality drafting and design documentation so you can be assured no detail will be missed. We can provide one-off project support or ongoing outsourced drafting services.


Nathalie Knight


Nathalie is passionate about good design and architecture and has built up 16 years experience drawing and designing people’s homes. Her career has included working on large projects as part of the building services team. She has worked with a number of builders, building designers and architects in Queensland and Victoria.

Nathalie is an active member of the Building Designers Association of Queensland and regularly attends architecture talks by local and international architects.

She believe’s that the simplest solutions is always the best and that sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes to look over your ideas to uncover them.


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